Disturbing the Peace


Wire Train
In a Chamber (1984)
Between Two Words (1985)
Ten Women (1987)

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Singer, songwriter and guitarist Kevin Hunter affectionately observes that the San Francisco music scene of the era was divided into two camps: "people who said they were backstage at the Sex Pistols, and people who didn't say they were backstage at the Sex Pistols."

The Avengers, Hunter says, "were kind of the heads of the 'we were backstage' crew. And they actually were backstage." But plenty of others who weren't still laid claim to having been there. "You'd hear that," he laughs, "and everyone's eyes would just roll."

[Wire Train was orignally known as The Renegades.] The Renegades, Hunter says, were definitely in the not-backstage group. "There were the post-punk bands; there were lots of kinds of depressive, clad-in-black groups. We were probably the poppiest band in the whole bunch." He says that The Renegades worked hard but didn't take the whole thing too seriously.

Disturbing the Peace's three chapters on Wire Train is based upon interviews with band members Kevin Hunter, Kurt Herr, Federico Gil Sola, Anders Rundblad and Jeffrey Trott, plus insights and memories from producers David Kahne, Tim Palmer and Peter Maunu; 415 Records founders Howie Klein and Chris Knab; Denise Sullivan, Greg Langston, Bruce Dickinson, Steve Seid, Bryan Weisberg, Michael Givens and others.


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